And You Thought I’d Abandoned You? No Fear!



…And here she is! Flirting with someone, as usual… I originally planned to give her essentially the same background as Hugh’s picture (posted with his interview), as seated in the same restaurant booth with him (hence the pencil lines). However, those colors don’t go well with the background I made for the book cover, so I may paint the background plain gray. Or do it gray, scan it, and then go over it with the blue and leafy booth backgound, so I can have both to work with. This is but one example of one of the many things I have been doing since my last post in October. I have not meant to ignore you all. I have been working a lot on my novel, as well as doing other things in my life. I wrote four chapters, the novel’s premise, and most of the emotional character arcs to go with that premise. I’m still working on those of the last two main characters, Melanie and Alex. I haven’t mentioned them on this site. Setting up steps to obtain a long-range goal (in this case, finishing the first book in my AVS novel) and then scheduling deadlines to do each step and days to work on them, really help. One cost has been neglect of my two blogs (this one and my Goodreads one). Just wanted to let you know I haven’t abandoned you, friends. I am thinking of you and of this blog. Luke and Carletta haven’t yet revealed what they will say and do in the continuation of the interview I recorded in October–but then, I haven’t looked over the rest of the questions and thought about it, so I can’t put all the blame on them. Rest assured that Luke is cooking up more dastardly plans than we have yet seen. I haven’t had a lot of chance to look into those plans, partly because he doesn’t actually appear until the second book in the series, and I have been concentrating on the first. Bug me, and I will be more likely to get out the interview sooner.


Still a Vampire Lover? Time to Make a Choice

There you have it, folks: Five interviews with five vampires, eleven questions each. As the eleventh hour approaches, how do you react when you hear them outside your door? Would you let one in? Would you dare interview one yourself?  Perhaps ask for–or allow–something much more? 

New Kid on the Block: Hugh answers 11 questions

Francis Franklin, who made the Vampire Lover Blog Award (and who is re-blogging this one with comments) says you don’t need to be nominated to play; “it’s just an excuse.” If you blog at all (or just want to for the contest–after all, free blogs, like this one, can be easily started), please do. And let me know. I want to read what you come up with.

Alas, I have not heard from the well-known writers I nominated. We shall see yet, but they are probably too busy with published authorly things to slum with the likes of me. (Francis has at least published a book, Susie and the Monsters.)

Now I bring you the final vampire in our series of interviews–the one I almost forgot, because he is so new: I bring you Hugh, the 17-year-old whose hazel eyes change with his mood or clothes, and whose eyes now glow green when he is hungry . . . which right now is all the time. (The picture is from before the change–from an “innocent” date with Carletta.)ImageDoes living as a vampire have the same appeal as prior to being turned (if you’re that type of vampire)? If you had to do it over, would you? (Katya)

It did NOT appeal to me! When I found out my girlfriend was a vampire, I was horrified . . . but I was fool enough to stick around and find out what that meant and to think I could help her somehow. If I had to do it over, I’d have listened to my ex’s warning at the beginning and run the other way. FAR the other way!

If you live forever, or for thousands of years, and are difficult to kill, and are very strong and powerful… how do you not become a sociopath? And go off and start doing anything you want and acting on any impulse? (Katya)

Good question! I doubt any vampire can keep from being a sociopath for long. It’s only been about a day since I was forced to drink my girl’s blood. I don’t WANT to act on these impulses, but I don’t see how I can avoid it for long. They’re too damn strong!

What’s it like to be a vampire? (Rebekkah Ford)

Oh, God, it’s hell. You don’t want to know the urges shooting through my head, driving me, pushing me, and the horrible, horrible thirst. Just smelling you, I can’t stay long or I’ll kill you. So far, I’ve barely managed to not kill any people—almost drank from my own mom, who Carletta had already bitten. Had to run away from home to keep Mom alive. I started growing fangs weeks ago, after Carletta gave me a little bit of her blood on the slip, but they haven’t broke through yet, so I have to use a knife. Killed a cow. The cow blood filled me up for a little while, but it tastes terrible, and it’s not the thing I’m driven to have. Soon I’ll be killing people right and left—Oh, God, do something! Help me, kill me, stop me . . .

If you had the choice to no longer be a vampire – to just be a human again – would you go for it? (Robin Layne)

I’d give anything to just be myself again! But I guess it’s hopeless, there’s no sense in wishing for it. What am I going to do?

Are there other vampires, and if so what role does gender play in vampire society? (fjf)

I noticed my girlfriend Carletta always wanted to be in the lead when we had sex. Darrell, a guy who still tried to be my friend through all this, said she was just a deceptive monster. I didn’t listen to him because I thought Carletta must have had something terrible happen to her in the past. She said another vampire was out to get her, and she wanted to turn me so I could protect her from him. I don’t know anything about vampire society, but Carletta seemed really scared. . . . Now I’m the one who’s scared.

What do you think of the recent fashion for vampire books and films? Has it made your life harder or easier? (Georgiana Derwent)

I didn’t pay any attention to it before, really. When I saw Darrell going around in a Dracula cape, I thought it was just Darrell being Darrell, and when my former girlfriend Mary told me Carletta was a vampire and my hickey was really a bite, I thought poor Mary had gone off the deep end. I guess it made things worse because I thought my friends were victims of a craze. Turns out I’m the victim here. Nobody’s laughing.

Can you have sex the ‘traditional’ way? Do you have any desire for sex? (Tyro Vogel)

Me? Guess I could, but only after I satisfy this horrible hunger—it’s all I can think about now. When I was still myself and I was with Carletta, she was fantastic in bed. But now I realize she must have been killing a lot of people to maintain herself. Oh, God! I was so stupid to think she wouldn’t have to kill if she kept biting me. I didn’t want to believe I was sleeping with a murderer. When we got close, she got such a hunger in her eyes, and I used to think it was a hunger for sex. That excited me. Later, when I found out she always wanted to drink my blood—well, when she said she loved me, I wasn’t sure she loved me like a boyfriend or like a pot roast.

They say a vampire’s bite brings pleasure rather than pain. Is that true, and how is that even possible? (Francis Franklin)

For me, it’s been a combination of both. Carletta said her kisses make it so I don’t feel all the pain. It’s in the saliva, she said, so I guess the longer the bite takes, the less pain. What do you expect when your girlfriend kisses you? That’s what you get.

Do you believe in ‘true love’ and ‘soul mates’? (Francis Franklin)

I think I did before. Now I’m sick of the whole idea. I’ve been used. My life is over, and I’m not running off with the girl no matter what.

Would you date a werewolf? (Francis Franklin)

No way! What would I be then, a werevampire?

 Should humans tolerate the existence of vampires? (Francis Franklin)

 How can I answer that? I want to die, but I’m afraid. I want to keep Carletta from being killed, too. I can’t give you moral advice. All I can say is—run. Hide. No, come back. The fangs have broken through. I’m ready for relief.