Writing about Evil: Perspective of another Author

I just read a great blog post that reflects the sentiments I have been trying to express. S.D. Grimm (dig the darkish fairytale name!) writes her guest commentary for Morgan Busse on Enclave Publishing’s blog. I’m excited to discover Enclave, a Christian publisher of edgy speculative fiction.

Why write about evil, as a Christian? WHAT to write about evil as a Christian? What is the relationship of evil to good? Is it possible that experiencing evil can make the light show all the brighter?

Here’s a link to “The Dark Side of Fiction”


Soliciting Opinions

I would love to hear why you chose the vampire you did–or why you didn’t vote for one at all! If you answered the poll, what did you like/love/hate about the one you chose? What did you think about the others? If you didn’t answer, why not? Was it too hard to decide? Or do you just hate all vampires?

I don’t write about vampires to make them likeable. I would prefer that evil be evil and good be good in my stories. But you may see that there are many different types of evil, and maybe you will also see that even demon-driven vampires may not be all as bad as the demons that drive them. Or, even if they are bad, they can be funny in their badness. Please comment, and let’s discuss these issues.AVS cross