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The new girl in town has her sights set on Mary’s boyfriend… and she’s hungry for blood.

 It seems the only way Mary can stop her worst enemy is to help her!

Mary’s hopes sink in a pit of horror as she watches Carletta dig her teeth into Hugh’s jugular and moan with pleasure. He’s rushed into the arms of someone—or something—threatening to turn him into a creature of nightmare. Unable to convince Hugh his new flame is a vampire that is feeding off him, Mary turns to her friends for help. As they argue over what to do, her disturbing dreams suggest there may be a cure.

Mary and her friends form the Anti-Vampirism Society and set out on a perilous quest to save the towna venture destined to shake them all to the core as one by one Mary’s nightmares come true.

Oblivious, Hugh thinks he’s found the love of his life, and he is lured ever deeper into Carletta’s dark world.

AVS: The Anti-Vampirism Society is a series of young adult novels I’m writing. So far, the characters and events have spurred an award-winning short story published online and four pieces of flash fiction in two different zines (not ezines–the real, paper kind). This blog focuses on the characters and the process and will feature the books when they are published. I may also post about my other writings.

I hope you read slowly enough to notice the term is Anti-VampirISM and not Anti-VAMPIRE. The name is decided upon by a group of kids who have seen one of their own bitten and hope they don’t have to kill him. One of them, Darrell, thinks that if his best friend Hugh has become a vampire the only thing they can do is destroy him. But Mary, who is still shell-shocked that her boyfriend has left her for someone else–and then witnessed the new flame biting him–bears the hope that there might be some other way to prevent disaster.

Links of Interest

I have two other blogs. The newest, The Writer’s Layne, is on my editor webpage, WritingThatSings.com (see the bottom of this list for info on this website).

My Goodreads blog, From the Red, Read Robin, concerns the process of writing this series, and about the series itself. It also concerns other writings, editing, books, and life in general.

The same Goodreads.com profile, https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6526081.Robin_Layne, includes the twice award-winning short story “Blood Ties,” based on the AVS series, and a story about me having a run-in with two of my characters from the series, entitled, “Too Familiar for Comfort.”

Blood Ties: What if you found out your girlfriend was a vampire? Would you leave her? Kill her? Surrender to her? Hugh doesn’t want to do any of the above; none of it fits his nature. But when his best friend shows up with all the stuff to put her in the grave, he has to do something.

Too Familiar for Comfort: Writers, ever have one of those days when your stories seem just too real? This time, it could be my last. (Also published in The Writers’ Mill Journal, Volume 5, available on Amazon.)

You may also be interested in my Goodreads book reviews.

In addition to writing, I do freelance editing.  My business is Robin Layne Enterprises… for writing that sings. Read about my services and read more samples of my writing on my website at writingthatsings.com.                                                                                                                         business logo 001


4 thoughts on “About the AVS

  1. Frank says:

    I started my blog on goodreads and then moved everything over to WordPress.com. I’ve noticed that the goodreads posts accumulate hits slowly but steadily over time, while the same posts on WordPress languish in relative obscurity.

    I think it’s worth having both. I tried having goodreads copy the WordPress blog automatically, but I don’t like the way formatting gets messed up. So I do it by hand.

  2. Thank you, Frank! You’re so helpful! Yes, there is a a little of a different focus in each of my two blogs. While the title “The Red, Read Robin” certainly reflects something about vampires, it reflects other things as well–some of which I have yet to explore.That one is a more general, usually literary blog, while this one focuses on the AVS series and its characters. Perhaps I will interview some of the non-vampire characters as well.

  3. I have a relatively new main blog now on my website, writingthatsings.com. The blog is called “The Writer’s Layne.” It’s on the blog tab of course. There is also a News tab. I haven’t updated either recently, but you may enjoy what I have so far, and I will add more when I can.

  4. Oh, I see I already posted about the newest blog, on my website. Let me know what you think when you check it out, please.

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