Still a Vampire Lover? Time to Make a Choice

There you have it, folks: Five interviews with five vampires, eleven questions each. As the eleventh hour approaches, how do you react when you hear them outside your door? Would you let one in? Would you dare interview one yourself?  Perhaps ask for–or allow–something much more? 

2 thoughts on “Still a Vampire Lover? Time to Make a Choice

  1. After you have made your choice, would you be so kind as to add a comment explaining your reasons? Was “your vampire” someone you would like to meet, someone you love to hate, someone you hate to love? It would be a lot of fun to discuss this, and it would help me develop my characters further. Also, would you be interested in these same vampires answering the rest of the questions as well?

  2. Since after a long time only 2 people voted, and none added comments about it, I decided to add my own vote to the poll. Luke is my own favorite. Why? He’s very evil, but in an intelligent and stylish way. He is my own stuck-up evil twin, and his invention was the quickest and most thorough of any character I’ve ever made. I did it by handing him the pen and basically letting him create himself by keeping an open-ended journal. He ended up needing some serious reining in.

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