Born to Be Wild: Steven answers 11 of the questions

Continuing with the Vampire Lover Blog Award, I bring you my third vampire interview. I don’t have a drawing of Steven (I tried scanning a sketch of Carletta, but it’s too light; her image will have to await the completion of the painting for which I drew the sketch).

1. From what you’ve witnessed yourself, do the history books have it right? (Sylvie)

They say history is written by the winners. I say it was written by suckers. Take that any way you want.

 2. Do you miss food, the sun, or your heartbeat more? (Shah Wharton)

 I miss riding my motorcycle on sunny days, but it’s still a blast by night.

3. Is ‘live’ blood more beneficial than bagged blood? Is it true that the last blood from a dying person is sweeter due to their fear of death? (Dii)

Bagged blood is shit. I never touch it. Live is the only real thing. I always kill my victims, unless I have some other use for them. But when I leave them alive, there are things that make it taste best of all.

4. What significance, if any, does gender identity and sexual (etc.) orientation have for vampires? (fjf)

It can be a bloody mess. It can also be a lot of fun.

5. What do you think of the recent fashion for vampire books and films? Has it made your life harder or easier? (Georgiana Derwent)

I love it. I can fit right in with the crowd and just shine! And when I need a good laugh, there are plenty of cheesy movies and books to choose from.

6. Can you have sex the ‘traditional’ way? Do you have any desire for sex? (Tyro Vogel)

Yes, I crave sex, and plenty of it. And I don’t have to chase after anybody’s traditions. Who needs that crap?

7. According to folklore, vampires can’t cross moving water. Does this present problems for you? (James Lyon)

Only when I go to take a bath after a night’s killing spree. It’s hell trying to keep the water motionless. (No, not really. I’m not the Wicked Witch of the West.)

8. Is it possible some vampire-related genes can be passed down through human bloodlines over the centuries? (James Lyon)

I sure hope so. I’d like to think I’ve started a legacy. Did I show you the pictures of my girl? Did you know I’m one of the few vampires around to succeed at having a kid the normal way?

9. Do vampires possess a soul? What difference does having or not having a soul make? What happens when you die? (Assuming you can actually die… Can you?) (Francis Franklin)

If you want answers like that, go to a church! (Not that they really know the answers, but they can bullshit like nobody’s business.)

10. Do you believe in ‘true love’ and ‘soul mates’? ( Francis Franklin)

Don’t remind me. Mine got away, thanks to her mother butting in and running off with her. Have you seen a red-haired girl with my eyes?

11. Would you date a werewolf? (Francis Franklin)

 If she’s young enough, we’d have a howling good time.


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    It can be a bloody mess. It can also be a lot of fun…

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