Vampire Lover Blog Award: The first character is me


Hello, friends, strangers, and people who are not so strange!

I have been nominated for the Vampire Lover Blog Award by Francis Franklin. Please enjoy his entry at My entry will be spread over a number of posts. If you have a blog (or would like to start one), feel free to write me and ask for a nomination.

The Rules

  1. You must be a vampire.
  2. Link back to the one who nominated you.
  3. Display the Vampire Lover Blog Award image.
  4. State 11 facts about yourself.
  5. Answer 11 questions from the list at
  6. State these rules.
  7. Nominate (and notify) at least 3 fellow bloggers.
Have fun – and take care!

I’ll start off, then, by sharing 11 facts about myself. Why 11? Don’t know, but 11 seems to be the popular number for this contest. Who am I to complain?

  1. I am a committed Christian (never been committed to an asylum—though there could always be a first time).
  2. Some of my fellow Christians think I shouldn’t be writing about vampires—a fact I find odd, considering they have no hesitation in reading, talking, or writing about Satan himself.
  3. I would never have guessed many years ago that I would be writing about vampires.
  4. I’ve had a number of dreams that have become stories, but the most obvious indicator was the one that inspired my novel-in-progress: I was the main character experiencing several scenes and then dreamed I was telling a friend I had had a dream that was a good idea for a story.
  5. I put a lot of stock into my dreams; some are prophetic, like those of the book’s main character, Mary.
  6. I don’t write about vampires because I “love” them; I write about them because they make such good metaphors for many realities: sin, evil, appetite gone amok, human need, etc.
  7. Sparkly vampires make me shudder (not with fear but with disgust).
  8. I also write plays, poetry, memoirs, short stories, and songs, and I do editing.
  9. I had great fun letting two of my vampires write the answers to all twenty-nine questions that were submitted, and then had to choose the best answers to post here; the other three answered fewer than all.
  10. The views expressed below are unlikely to reflect my own. (Do I really need a disclaimer for any intelligent reader of fiction?)
  11. I advise you not to trust a vampire to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Before the five vampires who have agreed to be interviewed take the stage, I will name three authors whom I nominate. I know I am supposed to nominate bloggers, and I’m only sure one of the three has a blog that would be appropriate, but the bloggers I know have already been nominated. So I have reached out to some more well-known writers. We shall see whether they will take up the challenge. They are . . . drumroll, please . . .

Ray Rhamey

Kerrelyn Sparks

Chrisopher Moore

I wanted to also nominate Andrew Fox, but I don’t know how to get ahold of him. And JR Ward, but I haven’t found evidence she has a blog, either, although she is on Facebook.

One thought on “Vampire Lover Blog Award: The first character is me

  1. Recently I received a reply from Kerrelyn Sparks, who began her sexy and hilarious Love at Stake series with “How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire” in 2005. She thanked me for the invite but said, as I suspected, that she did not have a blog. Maybe the award should have extended to websites! She is probably too busy writing successful novels to have a blog, and more power to her. I was very pleased to hear from her, anyway.

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