The Anti-Vampirism Society

6 thoughts on “AVS

  1. Robin Layne says:

    This is the logo I made for the AVS series . . . not perfect, as I’m no professional graphic artist. Maybe in the future I’ll have a better one made. The original is pretty large, and on a book cover it would be about the size of a postage stamp, or smaller.

    • Frank says:

      But do you want it black on white, or would white on black be better?

      • I’d have to see it the other way to compare. Then I’d probably change “the Anti-Vampirism Society”–the lettering that goes right after it–to match. I have very limited graphics potential on my computer, but someone might be able to do this for me.

      • Frank says:

        When it comes to publication, I think it’s worth getting a cover artist to do something. (I make my own covers, but I don’t know how effective they are.)

      • Robin Layne says:

        So you don’t take your own advice? Yes, ideally I would like a good professional to do my covers. I also like fiddling with art and getting an idea of what I want that way. Traditional routes sometimes lead to horror stories, and I don’t mean the kind we enjoy.

      • Frank says:

        I’m very bad at taking good advice…

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